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March 11, 2016

A unique architectural vision comes to life in a turn-of-the-century New York City skyscraper.

Skyhouse is a house in the sky, a residential penthouse located at the summit of one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers in New York City and situated within the incomparable vertical cityscape of Lower Manhattan. The project involved the construction of a set of unique living spaces inside a decorative penthouse structure which had never before been used as a residence… The spaces of this residence and the vistas channeled through it ascend and descend through all four levels of the penthouse structure and into the three-dimensional cityscape surrounding it in every direction.

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10 ideas for Xmas DYI gift wrap

December 19, 2015

Heart handpainted paper

Having gifts to wrap isn’t the worst thing in the world!

When it comes to Christmas time, gift wrapping became a serious stuff for me, I have to admit I don’t like standard ways of wrap. Plus, I love to stare at the face of those who received an out-of-ordinary wrapped gift , which really makes the difference for me in such a wonderful time of the year.

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Interior Design

Casa Tulum, Tropical Mix

December 8, 2015


This Tulum, Mexico vacation home is owned by a New York City fashion designer and is made up of three individual studios. Casa Tulum , designed by Studio Arquitectos with the interiors by Brandon Troy, is composed of volumes and shapes, with unexpected surprises around every turn. The interior features an overall tropical feel through the incorporation of textures and colors.

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Interior Design, Travel and Stay

Kit Kemp, Meaningful Design

October 30, 2015

After writing this post and have been tagged in the category “Travel and Stay”, I realised that could well fit into an advanced class of Interior Design, and you will realise it too as soon as you watch the video posted above.

Let’s start with the extraordinary reasoning where Kit Kemp demonstrate how to combine styles following own instinct in addition to their tastes, as decorating hotels are mostly part of the small chain of hotels called Firmdale Hotels. For me that’s the key to the design, I see it so clear! It makes me believe that one day I will be designing spaces as incredible as it …

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Interior Design

When Fashion meets Interiors

October 25, 2015

heidi middleton house 9

What would you expect when a renowned designer with talent on Vintage decides to design Interiors? The dream house?

That’s exactly what happened on Heidi Middleton‘s wonderful home at Palm Beach, Australia. The vintage blogger from “Tales of Endearment” has the pleasure to meet Heidi and shows us the images of her blissful day. Seeing these, Heidi can boast of an exquisite taste, those who already know the brand of clothing Sass & Bide may know it well.

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Interior Design, Lifestyle

The Glade room at Sketch

September 24, 2015


I know.. I have been missing for a while….well, so many things going on that have let me no little time for Teabfor Blog. But here I am! Battery full and ready to post very good stuff.

Sometime ago.. I went to Sketch Bar in Central London to have a cocktails night with friends that were visiting me.  Like a good Spanish, I hadn’t booked in advance…so the only space available was at the East Bar, very nice indeed. It’s a kind of modern Iglu where club music is on, light is dim, very nice cocktails… That was, without doubt, a great night.

But that was not what I want to talk you about… My post is dedicated to The Glade  on the same bar.

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